Channel 5 Commissions Cats Do The Funniest Things from Mentorn Media

Channel 5 today announced it has commissioned an entertaining new show ‘Cats Do the Funniest Things’ from Mentorn Media.

The internet is flooded with irresistible photos and videos of cats caught on camera doing the most outrageous things and Mentorn Media has scoured the net to bring together an enjoyable compilation of some of the best cat-clips online.

Narrated by comic Iain Lee, the hour-long episode will showcase the amazing and jaw dropping skills of talented, funny and unusual cats using clips and viral videos that have taken the internet by storm. 

From genius cats that can talk or play musical instruments to the-not-so-clever moggy that gets stuck in a hamster ball, cat behaviour experts explain why some of the clips give us a fascinating insight into the characteristics of our beloved pets. In addition, famous cat-lover and comedian,Susan Calman, will provide priceless and quirky commentary to accompany the footage of these adorable cats.

Viewers will be introduced to the cats so famous they now have their own Hollywood agent and a piano playing cat named Nora, the only feline in the world to have starred in her own cat concerto!

The programme will also turn the spotlight on the people behind these infamous cats – from crazy cat-loving owners who dream up imaginative and quirky ideas for videos, to the cat bloggers who’ve made a fortune cashing in on the popularity of online cat-stars, for example Texan ‘Shark Cat’ Max-Arthur, who thinks he’s the cats whiskers, riding his own customised Roomba and taking a swipe at whoever gets in his way.

Michelle Chappell, Commissioning Editor – Factual, News and Current Affairs for Channel 5 said: “Cats are the new TV personalities. This show feels fresh and fun and promises to have the whole family hooked.”

Kat Lennox, Executive Producer, said: “The behaviour of the domestic cat is something that fascinates many of us and this show will be a cheeky look at the funniest, cutest and silliest cat clips online. This programme is a combination of stand-out videos, comical narration and expert analysis, which makes it an entertaining watch for everyone.”

Cats Do The Funniest Things will transmit on Channel 5 in January 2015.

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Question Time Comes from Canterbury Tomorrow Night

BBC One’s political debate programme, Question Time, is being hosted from Canterbury on Thursday, 11th December 2014.

David Dimbleby chairs the programme from Canterbury in Kent where Conservative Communities and Local Government Minister Penny Mordaunt MP, Labour’s Shadow International Development Secretary Mary Creagh MP, the leader of UKIP Nigel Farage MEP, comedian and campaigner Russell Brand and columnist for The Times Camilla Cavendish, face questions from the audience.

Question Time transmits on Thursday evening on BBC One at 10.35pm and will be available on BBC iPlayer after transmission.

To apply for a seat in the audience you can register your question at

For further information please contact Effie Dufu on 020 8995 3945 or

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Question Time Comes from Doncaster Tomorrow Night

BBC One’s political debate programme, Question Time, is being hosted from Doncaster on Thursday, 4th December 2014.

David Dimbleby chairs the programme from Doncaster in South Yorkshire where Conservative Culture Secretary Sajid Javid MP, Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper MP, Liberal Democrat peer Shirley Williams, actor and comedian Omid Djalili and the former director of the Centre for Policy Studies Jill Kirby, face questions from the audience.

Question Time transmits on Thursday evening on BBC One at 10.45pm and will be available on BBC iPlayer after transmission.

To apply for a seat in the audience you can register your question at

For further information please contact Effie Dufu on 020 8995 3945 or

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Question Time Comes From Birmingham Tonight

Question Time Comes from Birmingham Tonight 

BBC One's political debate programme, Question Time, is being hosted from Birmingham tonight.

David Dimbleby chairs the programme from Birmingham where Conservative former Chancellor Ken Clarke MP, Labour’s Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham MP, UKIP’s Douglas Carswell MP, columnist on The Independent Yasmin Alibhai-Brown and the Political Director of the Taxpayers’ Alliance Dia Chakravarty, face questions from the audience.

Question Time transmits tonight on BBC One at 10.35pm and will be available on BBC iPlayer after transmission. This programme will also be repeated on Saturday, 22nd November at 00.55 on BBC2 Sign Zone.

To apply for a seat in future Question Time audiences you can register at

For further information please contact Louise Plank on 020 8995 3936 or


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New Mentorn Media Series Explores High-End Fashion for Kids

ITVBe has commissioned a fascinating new series Minors in Designers from Mentorn Media.

Commissioned by Amanda Stavri, ITV’s Commissioning Editor, Entertainment, the six-part series looks at the extraordinary lengths people go to when indulging their children in high-end fashion.

Based around one shop in Essex which sells designer childrenswear ranging from £500 babygros to £1,000 kids’ jackets, the series follows the parents who buy these products, exploring their lives and their family relationships.

Minors in Designers starts on Monday 24th November 2014 at 10pm on ITVBe and is executive produced by Tayte Simpson.

For more information please contact Plank PR on 020 8995 3936 or 

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Question Time Comes from Cardiff Tomorrow Night

BBC One’s political debate programme, Question Time, is being hosted from Cardiff on Thursday, 13th November 2014.

David Dimbleby chairs the programme from the capital city of Wales, which sees Conservative Secretary of State for Wales Stephen Crabb MP; Labour’s First Minister of Wales Carwyn Jones AM; the leader of Plaid Cymru Leanne Wood AM; the leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats Kirsty Williams AM and the Spectator and The Sun columnist Rod Liddle, face questions from the audience.

Question Time transmits on Thursday evening on BBC One at 10.35pm and will be available on BBC iPlayer after transmission.

To apply for a seat in the audience you can register your question at

For further information please contact Effie Dufu on 020 8995 3945 or

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ITV Commissions Norland Nanny Documentary from Mentorn Media

ITV viewers will see just what it takes to become a ‘supernanny’, as prestigious Norland College opens its doors to television cameras.


Produced by Mentorn Media, the 1x60 will show students at the 120-year-old childcare training college in Bath being turned into elite Mary Poppins-style nannies.


Norland Nannies have been sought after by the rich and famous for over a century with previous employers include Mick Jagger, Princess Anne and most recently the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.


This one-off documentary will take viewers through Norland College’s hallowed gates into a traditional British establishment as the college tries to stay true to its highly marketable tradition, while embracing childcare methods for the 21st Century.


The halls of Norland see Essex girls rub shoulders with women educated in elite public schools and the ambitious students know that a degree from this college can mean a lifetime of employment, travel prospects, and even a job with an A-lister or royalty.


The programme follows one year-group through the course as they are faced with an extraordinary, unique and demanding set of challenges, including being taught practical skills from using sewing machines for the first time to learning self defence and race track driving and having to cope with frighteningly loud baby simulators, which they have to take home.   The documentary will track their progress as they go into their first work placements before leaving Norland to enter the world of high-end employment.


Richard Klein, ITV’s Director of Factual said, “This is learning how to bring up baby Victorian-style with a dash of the 21st century thrown in for good measure. A uniform, a tried-and-tested way of doing things and oodles of patience: the world of the Norland Nanny is an extraordinary one."


Creative Executive at Mentorn Media, Iain Scollay added, “Norland is an intriguing mix of traditional values and modern childcare training. It makes these nannies highly sought-after by the rich and famous. Mentorn has exclusive access at an exciting time for the college, and it should prove an insightful and fascinating watch.”


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Freshers Returns to ITV2

Following the success of the first series, a second run of Freshers is set for ITV2. The new six-part series from Mentorn Media will see what student life is really like at Swansea University, which was voted University of the Year 2014.


Focusing on six new students from across the country we’ll delve into the world of the freshers at the coastal uni. There will be plenty of fun and socialising as they work out how to fit in, whilst carving out their own identity, coping in an entirely new environment, and of course the reality of actually having to study. It can be a daunting experience as the freshers leave home for the first time and have to learn to look after themselves.


From the unparalleled highs to the unexpected lows, Freshers will explore the daunting reality of university and just how hard it can be out there in the big wide world.


The first episode in the run will see us catch up with all the freshers from the first series, students at Bedfordshire University. From loveable Forrest to daddy’s girl Bayleigh, we’ll see how life has changed since we last saw them.


Kate Maddigan, Commissioning Editor, Entertainment ITV said: “Moving out from home can be a really daunting experience so it will be interesting to see how this year’s students at Swansea University get on as they learn how to stand on their own two feet.”


Tayte Simpson, Director of Factual at Mentorn said, “It was a real joy to film with the freshers last year and see how their lives at uni developed. We’re very excited this year to be in Swansea, it’s a uni with a great reputation and in a unique setting right on the beach.”


Commissioned by Kate Maddigan, Commissioning Editor, Entertainment at ITV the six-hour long programmes will air later in 2014.


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Passion Brings Paradise Hotel to the World

Evergreen format PARADISE HOTEL from Passion Distribution is poised for even greater success following this year's MIPCOM. Passion Distribution announces three re-commissions in Sweden, Norway and Denmark as the programme has been renewed by MTG (Modern Times Group). Options have also been concluded since MIPCOM in France and Netherlands. Paradise Hotel has been produced in 12 territories including USA, Russia and Israel. 

Worldwide over 1,800 episodes and 34 seasons have been produced of the hit format with content additionally servicing boradcaster's digital platforms. Parradise Hotel is from Mentorn Media (An Idiot Abroad, Hotel of Mum and Dad, and World's Angriest) one of the UK's most successful and long-running independent production companies. 

PARADISE HOTEL is an addictive prime-time reality competition which features 11 sexy singles given the opportunity to live a life of luxury in an exclusive resort, cut off from all communication with the outside world. Whilst the singles have every opportunity to couple up together, on tHe other hand they must scheme against each other if they want to stay in the game and win a life-changing sum of money. In PARADISE HOTEL, their every move is captured bY hidden cameras. Amidst dramatic twists and tactical game-play, the contestants can face elimination and being replaced by a newcomer. The newcomer must split up an existing couple if they want to remain in Paradise. 

Sally Miles, CEO of Passion Distribution, commented "PARADISE HOTEL is the hit that keeps on giving and it's enjoying a major resurgence. All over the wold, viewers have been fascinated by the compelling mix of romance and betrayal that the PARADISE HOTEL format presents. Key to this resurgence and success is that it attracts millennials and also works so well cross platforms and services. We look forward to confirming further seasons in the coming months."

Morten Mogensen, Cheif Content Officer, MTG Free-TV Scandinavia, commented: "PARADISE HOTEL has been one of the most popular formats on our channels across Scandinavia and has been on air for ten seasons in Denmark alone. What makes this show work so well for us is that it attracts great audiences and engagement on our TV3 main channels and on our video demand services. In Sweden, we have even done a supporting studio show that is only availalbe online for the avid fans, which has been announced for Norway."


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BBC Three’s successful and provocative series, Free Speech, will welcome leader of the Liberal Democrats and Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, to answer questions from a live studio audience of young people it was announced today (WEDS).

Produced by Mentorn Media, the makers of Question Time, host Rick Edwards will oversee the debate where the studio audience and BBC Three viewers choose the topics put to Clegg on November 4th at 8pm.

In the 2010 election under-25s were more likely to than any other group to vote Liberal Democrat and in 2014 polling showed a fall in their support according to a survey conducted by The Times Data Team.

Held at York Hall in East London, Clegg will answer questions from the audience of 16-34 year olds. Ahead of the programme, viewers can submit the questions they would like Nick Clegg to address through the Choose Our Questions page on Facebook – which can be found at

Presenter Tina Daheley will be gathering the Twitter, Facebook and website messages throughout the live programme to gauge the opinions of Free Speech viewers using the Twitter hashtag #BBCFreeSpeech.

Series Producer, Brendan Miller, said: “We pride ourselves in creating a forum for honest and impactful debate. Our audience is a section of society who often get ignored by politicians so this is the ultimate place for Nick Clegg to hear directly from young people about what genuinely matters to them on what affects their lives. And for our audience it is a direct platform to put their points to Nick Clegg.”

Free Speech is a co-commission from BBC Three, BBC Learning and BBC News and Current Affairs.

The Series Producer is Brendan Miller. The Executive Producers are Hayley Valentine and Mark Roberts for Mentorn Media; Abigail Appleton for BBC Learning and Fiona Campbell for BBC News and Current Affairs.

Mentorn Media can be followed on twitter: @MentornMedia and Free Speech on @bbcfreespeech

For further information please contact Plank PR on 020 8995 3936 or email


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