Hal Vogel

Hal Vogel

Executive Producer, Drama

Hal's recent production credits include Sirens, an original comedy drama series for C4, The Promise (written and directed by Peter Kosminsky), Endgame (starring William Hurt and Chiwetel Ejiofor. Directed by Pete Travis), The Trial of Tony Blair (with Robert Lindsay) and the BGP winning satire on the Blunkett Affair, A Very Social Secretary. He also Executive Produced the BAFTA winning two part drama BRITZ by Peter Kosminsky for Channel 4 and Confessions of a Diary Secretary for ITV.

Hal began his career as a documentary researcher with acclaimed satirist Jon Ronson and director Saul Dibb before working at BFI production division(now the UK Film Council), where he helped set up The Script Factory. In 1997 he moved to Stone City Films, where he developed and produced innovative factual drama including the BAFTA-nominated King of Chaos, Newborn and Kidnap. He also penned and produced the award-winning docu-drama Atomic Inferno. As well as a number of shorts including Saul Dibb's Payday, other credits include the critically acclaimed feature documentary GAME OVER: KASPAROV AND THE MACHINE.

Hal co-founded Daybreak Pictures with David Aukin in 2006.