• BBC THREE has commissioned Mentorn Media to produce a one-hour documentary with Tulisa from N-Dubz, it was announced today (THURS).

    In this intimate and deeply personal authored single documentary, Tulisa: Crazy About Mum, Tulisa from chart-smashing N-Dubz - whose own mother suffered from a schizo-affective disorder - will break the taboo to find out what life is like for other young Brits with a mentally ill mum or dad.

    The programme is one of four films entitled My Mum and Me with others featuring Danielle Lineker, Alicia Douvall and their families.

    The series forms part of BBC THREE's Adult Season which returns after its highly successful debut last year which brought the channel its highest rating two weeks in its history amongst the target audience of 16-34-year olds.

    Mentorn Media is also producing another series of Underage and Pregnant. The candid eight, half-hour programmes once again follows a mix of young mums, and some dads with varied backgrounds as they come to terms with pregnancy, birth, and their new lives with a baby. The teens tell their own stories in an honest portrayal of how their lives were transformed.

    Danny Cohen, Controller BBC Three, says: 'The Adult Season brought BBC Three record-breaking audiences last summer and we're excited about returning to a territory that had such a big impact with young viewers.'

    The Producer/Director for Tulisa: Crazy About Mum is Rowen Deacon with Hannah Wyatt as Executive Producer for Mentorn Media.

    Underage and Pregnant is also Executive Produced by Hannah Wyatt at Mentorn Media and Maxine Watson is the Commissioning Executive Producer for the BBC.

    For further information please contact Louise Plank on 020 8995 3936 or lou@plankpr.com

  • Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has said he does not resent being called Cameron-lite, in a BBC THREE interview with Dermot O'Leary to be broadcast this evening, Wednesday, April 21st 2010.

    On the day when Mr Clegg described Gordon Brown as "a desperate politician" and said: "I just do not believe him", leading to questions about whether he could work with Labour in a hung Parliament, the Liberal Democrat leader is asked by presenter Dermot O'Leary about his perceived similarity with David Cameron.

    Dermot O'Leary: "How different do you think you are in the eyes of the average young voter? I mean even the leaders debates picked up a couple of quotes - sounded quite similar to Cameron…

    Nick Clegg: 'Change that works for you'. David Cameron: 'We need change, it's change I want to help', 'I want to help lead'. And you know yourself you've been called Cameron-lite. Do you resent that?

    Nick Clegg: "No. I mean people stick labels on you all the time."

    Dermot O'Leary: "Do you see why people say that?"

    Nick Clegg: "Well roughly the same age, roughly the same height. I mean you know. I think people, of course people are quite entitled to sort of you know throw labels at politicians, that's fine, that comes with the territory."

    The Liberal Democrat leader goes on to say he believes there are defining characteristics between himself and the Conservative leader.

    "I think there are huge differences in values, in outlook," he says.

    Clegg says voters are entitled to ask "what will you fight for whatever happens if there's a balanced Parliament or not, whether you are in government or not" but adds: "I am not going to be playing - the question assumes that I'll be playing eeny meeny miny mo because there's going to be this perfect, photo finish and I can say 'hmmm who do like?'. It's not going to be like that because.

    Dermot O'Leary: Isn't it?

    Nick Clegg: No because it's going to be quite obvious in the election results, kind of which party is enjoying a stronger mandate from the people than others and you know I really-really mean this. I just think it would be just wrong for any politician and I am not going to do it, to second guess what 45 million people are going to decide. This election is now wide open. It's very fluid.

    In a separate interview that Dermot O'Leary conducts with David Cameron, the Conservative leader admits that he can do better in the leaders debates, and that he has never not taken Nick Clegg seriously.

    The exchange is as follows:

    Dermot O'Leary: I want to look at the impact of the leaders debates. I mean this changed everything in this election so far. Um are you surprised how well Clegg did?

    David Cameron: No I think he has a very good song to sing which is a plague on both your houses.

    Dermot O'Leary: But are you taking him more seriously now?

    David Cameron: I've never not taken him seriously and I always thought - I always wanted these debates to happen. I mean they happen in every country. They even happen in Mongolia for heaven's sake and it's part of the modern age that we should be in, I always knew it would give the Lib Dems quite an advantage because, you know they're the ones who can paint themselves as the outsiders, but I still think it's a good thing to do.

    I take all my opponents very seriously but in the end to me, it's not much about the debate, trying to score points off each other, it's actually talking to people back at home about what you stand for and what you want to do.

    Dermot O'Leary: How did you think you went though?

    David Cameron: I was very happy with the answers I gave, the things that I talked about, the things that motivate me. I thought I communicated them you know in a way that I wanted to, I said what I wanted to say. Can you improve and get it better? Of course you can always do better but I was very happy with the answers I gave."

    Dermot meets David Cameron is on BBC THREE at 8pm tonight. Dermot meets Nick Clegg follows at 8.30pm

    The programmes are produced by Mentorn Media.

  • Mentorn International will be distributing the first documentary for British Television on the volcanic explosion in Iceland that has affected the world, it was announced today (TUES).

    The documentary made by Pioneer Productions has been commissioned by Channel 4's Commissioning Editor for Specialist Factual, Tanya Shaw and has the working title of Volcano That Stopped the World.

    The one hour, fast-turnaround programme will explore the geological and scientific background behind the eruption of Iceland's Eyjafjallajökull volcano, the dangers posed by the ash and the effects that it has on aircraft and aviation, as well as exploring the impacts of further possible eruptions to the UK, Europe and the world.

    Managing Director and Executive Producer, Stuart Carter, said: "This event has seen an unprecedented disturbance to everyday life with huge reverberations around the world. Viewers are intrigued to know the processes at work and what the chances are of it occurring again."

    Managing Director of Mentorn International, David Leach said: "This has been a truly extraordinary story that has gripped the world. We've had huge success with Pioneer's previous programme Haiti's Killer Quake: Why It Happened so we look forward to welcoming interest in this documentary too. It promises to give the fascinating view to the science behind the headlines."

    Note to Editors:
    Mentorn International is the long-established international distributor of programme content and formats for TV companies including Mentorn Media, BBC World, Pioneer Productions, Daybreak Pictures, Quicksilver, Folio, Ludus and Mentorn USA. Mentorn International licenses formats and programmes in the reality, entertainment, factual entertainment, documentary, drama and popular factual genres.

    For more information please contact Louise Plank on behalf of Mentorn International on 020 8995 3936 or lou@plankpr.com

  • Following the success of Dermot O'Leary's First Time Voters Question Time, BBC Three has commissioned another edition along with four further programmes with Dermot quizzing the key political leaders, it has been announced.

    Dermot Meets... will see the presenter putting a range of questions submitted by First Time Voters to Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg.

    BBC Three will also broadcast interviews with Plaid Cymru and the Scottish National Party.

    Dermot O'Leary said he is keen to ask the questions relevant to first time voters: "If young people really are to get politics, then politics must really understand young people. I want to get to the bottom of their policies and ideas on behalf of the millions of first time voters in this country."

    Viewers can submit their questions via the BBC website on http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/election_2010/first_time_voter/8628315.stm  

    The programme continues BBC Three's commitment to bringing political coverage to the 16 to 34-year-old audience and they will transmit during the next two weeks. BBC Three Controller Danny Cohen said: "Young voters could be crucial to the outcome of the 2010 General Election. We hope that these programmes on BBC Three will give young people a unique opportunity to hear directly from party leaders on the issues that they care about most."

    Mentorn Media's Executive Producer, Steve Anderson, said: "There was a huge response to the First Time Voters Question Time that Mentorn Media produced with Dermot for BBC Three. We are delighted another edition has been commissioned, along with the series of one-to-one interviews."

  • Mentorn International, has unveiled a number of new one-off documentaries and factual series with a raft of sales ahead of MIP 2010, it was announced today.

    Captive for 18 Years: The Jaycee Lee Story was the first in-depth documentary to be produced following the release of Jaycee Lee Dugard and featured an interview with her stepfather Carl Probyn - the first full-length interview that he recorded.

    Sales of the documentary ahead of MIP have been extensive across Europe including TV2 in Denmark, RTL in Netherlands, VTM in Belgium, Planete in France TV2 in Norway, and in the Southern Hemisphere Sky in New Zealand and Foxtel in Australia.

    Saviour Siblings is a powerful observational documentary originally made for BBC One which followed two couples as they go undergo cutting edge treatment to try to cure their sick child. Their children suffer from serious, life-threatening diseases and need a bone marrow transplant. The usual route of finding a bone marrow donor from the international register has failed - there is no one available who is a tissue match. Without a transplant, they might die before they reach teenagehood.

    With the clock ticking, these families are desperate. They have discovered a new treatment that might be able to help. By using IVF techniques it is possible to have a new baby, which is both healthy from the disease and a perfect tissue match for the ill child. So once the baby is born, its bone marrow can be used to cure their sibling. Produced by Mentorn Media, this documentary will be shown at MIP for the first time.
    As well as documentaries, Mentorn International is taking the new hit series, America's Worst Driver.

    America's Worst Driver launched in the USA on the Travel Channel to critical acclaim and impressive viewing figures. As one of their most popular formats, Mentorn Media is now offering the hilarious American series for sale at MIP.

    The ten hour series is a co-production between Mentorn USA and A. Smith & Co and travels to America's most iconic cities where each week bad drivers compete in challenges and the worst drivers watch their cars destroyed spectacularly before their eyes.

    And there are a number of returning series, including Underage and Pregnant, and Cowboy Trap:

    Underage and Pregnant was the highest rating documentary series for BBC THREE in their recent Adult season and, as a result of its critical and rating success, has been re-commissioned for a second series and Mentorn International will be taking it to the market along with the second series.

    The six candid half-hour programmes of the first series and the eight half-hour programmes of the second series follow a mix of schoolgirl mums, and some dads with varied backgrounds. From pregnancy to the birth and life with a baby, the teens tell their own stories in an honest portrayal of how their lives are transformed. As well as sharing their hopes and fears, viewers will see how the pregnancy affects the rest of their world, from relationships with partners, friends and family to the impact on their education, body image and social life.

    Home-improvement series, Cowboy Trap, has been an incredible hit for BBC1, so much so that the series has been recommissioned with an extended order of a further 40 programmes following the world's first investigative builder, Clive Holland, and his dedicated team repair the homes and lives of families destroyed by 'cowboy' workmen while Clive shares his expert advice and practical tips on how to avoid their scams. This series is available as a format as well as completed programmes.

    David Leach, Mentorn International's Managing Director, said: "We have a terrific variety of programming for this market."

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  • Mentorn International has been appointed distributor by Pioneer Productions and will handle all Pioneer's slate of programming in future. The first of the Pioneer shows to be launched by Mentorn at MIP are "Haiti's Killer Quake - Why It Happened" and "The Bible: a History", it was announced today (WEDS).

    David Leach, Mentorn International's Managing Director, said: "We're delighted to announce that we will be now be handling Pioneer Productions' worldwide programme sales. Pioneer has an unsurpassed reputation for the highest quality documentaries in the fields of science, history and religion, often featuring extraordinary CGI sequences and spectacular filming and they will be an excellent addition to our factual programming catalogue.

    Our first Pioneer shows are their fascinating documentary on the Haiti quake, which explores the geological reasons for the earthquake and the lessons that can be learned in building construction. It is proving of great international interest and we have already made sales to ten broadcasters ahead of MIP. We will also be launching Pioneer's acclaimed 7 part series "The Bible: a History" which has just completed its transmission on Channel 4 UK.

    Ahead of the market, Mentorn International has already secured sales of the Haiti programme to ten broadcasters: NHK in Japan, RTL TVI in Belgium, Discovery in Latin America, YLE in Finland, VRT in Belgium, SVT in Sweden, Sky in New Zealand, NRK in Norway, TVP in Poland and HRT in Croatia.

    "Haiti's Killer Quake - Why It Happened" IS a one-hour documentary originally made by Pioneer for Channel 4 UK and Discovery US, explores what happened in Haiti and why, using 3D graphics and location footage to pick apart the mechanics of the quake itself. In the first ten years of the 21st century earthquakes have claimed over half a million lives, all from a total of less than 15 minutes of ground movement. The programme examines these events to find out what they reveal about the Haiti quake. Ultimately earthquakes don't kill people, buildings do. Poor construction and overcrowded cities caused the vast majority of deaths. The programme also examines whether the Haitians could have constructed buildings that would have survived the quake.

    "The Bible: a History" is a revealing exploration of one of the world's most influential books, each film is presented by a prominent commentator and thinker who explores the ideas and influence of seven books of the Scriptures, from the Bible's origins to the American presidential inauguration, from the early Hebrew and Greek versions to today's current 2,400 different translations.

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