• BBC Three has commissioned Mentorn Media to make a factual entertainment series, Hotel of Mum and Dad (working title), about the growing trend of young coupleshaving to move back in  with their parents or in-laws, it has been announced.

    1 in 10 young people have moved back home with their partner - that's a staggering 300,000 couples. But with sky-high house prices, fewer jobs, rent through the roof, crippling debts and extortionate childcare costs, it's a growing trend for multiple generations to live under one roof. The 6x60' series gets a first-hand look at the various compromising situations faced by the couples who have had to 'bunk up' with the parents or in-laws.Each episode then challenges couples to test drive a place of their own that fits their budget. The series contrasts the potential nightmare of the family dynamics between two generations when shacked up under one roof with the effect on everyone involved when the couple move out.

    Will the young lovebirds cope in the real world? Do mum and dad miss them? Or do they all get on better when there's some distance?

    Whether they live with parents to bring down child care costs or because they like their mother's home cooking too much to leave, the series will explore a range of family dynamics and relationships through this very 21st Century phenomenon.

    Mentorn Media's Director of Programmes, Hannah Wyatt, said: "We're delighted to be making this programme and working with the team at BBC Three. This is designed to be a funny and heart-warming series, exploring a very 21st century phenomenon in a humorous and insightful way."

    Zai Bennett said: "In Hotel of Mum and Dad we're going to see what life is really like living as a couple under the same roof as your mum and dad and if we can't coax you to take those first steps to independence with your own home".

    The series has been ordered by Zai Bennett, Controller, BBC Three; Alan Tyler, Executive Editor, Entertainment Commissioning and Fiona Campbell, Commissioning Editor for Independents at BBC News and Current Affairs, and will be made by Mentorn Scotland.

  • After the incredible success of one-off documentary, The Fried Chicken Shop: Life in a Day, Channel 4 has commissioned a three-part series from Mentorn Media set in the same chicken shop, it has been announced.

    Building on the original Cutting Edge this 3x60 series will return to Rooster Spot in Clapham to delve deeper into the world of fried chicken, the staff who serve it and the huge variety customers who buy it.

    Filming across three weeks The Fried Chicken Shop Series (w/t) will use the same mix of mini-rig fixed cameras and retrospective interviews to capture stories inside the Chicken Shop. The series will also incorporate a new element by following take- away customers home, giving viewers a completely new perspective on the people who eat there and the worlds they inhabit.

    Favourite characters from the first programme will return alongside new customer stories capturing a wider variety of regulars. The madness of the weekend passing trade and late night revellers will continue to celebrate this very unique slice of British life and once again allow lovers of fried chicken to get involved online.

    An impressive 2.1 million viewers tuned in to the original Cutting Edge broadcast, and the online presence was outstanding - peaking at 1,700 tweets per minute - The Fried Chicken Shop was the most tweeted about show of the week and was the top three out of four trending topics on Twitter and still trending the next day.

    Emma Cooper, Commissioning Editor at Channel 4 said: "The Fried Chicken Shop really struck a chord with the nation. The team worked hard to make a film that felt significantly fresh and innovative for us to want to serve up more of it."

    Mentorn Media's Director of Programmes, Hannah Wyatt, said: "Chicken Shop really captured the imagination of viewers. The enthusiastic response on twitter showed the immediate support - including John Prescott, Boy George and Lily Allen all loving it. We saw that it really was a talking point and we're delighted that we'll be able to offer all those fans more views from the shop and beyond."

    Yonni Usiskin is Series Director

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  • David Dimbleby presents Question Time this Thursday, 11th April, from Baroness Thatcher's former constituency of Finchley.

    Joining the panel is: Conservative Cabinet Minister, Ken Clarke MP; Labour's former Home Secretary, David Blunkett MP; former leader of the Liberal Democrats, Sir Menzies Campbell MP; Guardian columnist Polly Toynbee and Baroness Thatcher's authorised biographer Charles Moore.

    Executive Producer Steve Anderson, said: "To reflect the death of Baroness Thatcher, we are changing our scheduled location and taking Question Time to her constituency of 33 years. Our audience will include people who voted for and against Baroness Thatcher, plus many young people who weren't old enough to vote at that time, and our panel comprises colleagues and opponents of Baroness Thatcher throughout her 11 years as Prime Minister."

    This week's edition was due to record in Rochdale. A new date is being arranged for later this year.

    Question Time is produced by Mentorn Media for BBC Scotland and transmits on BBC One at 10.35pm.

    For more information please contact Louise Plank on 07801 321965 or lou@plankpr.com