• BBC Four has commissioned a one-off documentary from Mentorn Media, on the reunion of one of the ‘80s biggest bands, Culture Club, it was announced today (FRIDAY).

    Directed by Mike Nicholls and commissioned by Greg Sanderson, Commissioning Editor, Arts, Music for the BBC, the hour-long documentary entitled: Boy George and Culture Club: Karma to Calamity will be an access-all-areas film about the band’s revival, following the members from their initial recording sessions through to their live performances.

    In the early 1980s,Culture Club was one of the biggest bands in the world, selling 150 million records worldwide. Formed in London, the band comprised of Boy George on vocals, Mikey Craig on bass, Roy Hay on guitar and keyboards and Jon Moss on drums. As well as their UK success the band were huge in the USA – notching up ten top 40 hits.

    Being part of Band Aid cemented them as stalwarts of the ‘80s, a band that broke down barriers and left a huge legacy for the stars that came later, before they disbanded in 1986.  However they were a band with a troubled past, George had an affair with his drummer Jon Moss and when they acrimoniously split, the band fell apart and George descended into heroin addiction.

    Nicholls will reveal the personalities behind one of the most iconic bands of all time as they attempt to reunite and overcome their tempestuous past.

    Greg Sanderson, BBC Commissioning Editor, Arts, Music & Events said: “Culture Club are one of those iconic bands who everyone wants to know more about. Getting access to the trials and triumphs of their reunion was always going to be exciting, and we’re delighted to be taking audiences behind the scenes of this extraordinary foursome.”

    Mentorn Media’s Director of Programmes and Executive Producer, Tayte Simpson, said: “Culture Club is a band with a history as colourful as their music.  Mike has unique and intimate access which provides a candid insight as these four strong personalities attempt to work together for the first time in 15 years.” 

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  • Channel 5 has commissioned Mentorn Media to produce two new entertaining user generated (UGC) series focusing on the hilarious antics of cats, dogs and other pets and also the most extreme moments of anger captured on camera from around the world. 

    The first series (title TBC) follows the same format as a one-off special on cats, which was a ratings hit - entertaining in excess of two million viewers when it aired on Channel 5 on Tuesday 20th January 2015 at 8pm. It will pull together an array of the most famous, cutest and funniest animal-themed clips on the web. Each hour-long episode will combine user generated footage with comical narration ensuring there’s something for everyone whether they’re a cat lover, dog lover or just crazy about animals in general. The series will also include the owners of these pet-sensations who capture the laugh-out-loud moments that have taken the internet by storm.

    The second series, entitled World’s Angriest: Caught on Camera will consist of eight hour-long episodes and will show everyday scenarios escalate with explosive results. With the help of user generated content, the series will bring together the most extraordinary outbursts ever filmed by members of the public. It also goes behind the scenes to find out what really happened using first-hand accounts from those who were there at the time. Perpetrators and victims will explain their hot tempered actions and experts will analyse why their behaviour reached boiling point. This series follows on from the hit series Angry Brits: Caught on Camera which aired in summer 2014 and averaged 1.1 million and a 4.8% share.

    Both series have been commissioned by Michelle Chappell, Commissioning Editor – Factual, News and Current Affairs for Channel 5. Kat Lennox is the Executive Producer and Ben Rigden is the Series Editor for Mentorn Media. Both series will air later this year.

    Michelle Chappell said:“Crazy cats, daft dogs, potty pets and hot headed humans - we are delighted to bring our viewers these fun and engaging shows on Channel 5.”

    Mentorn Media’s Executive Producer Factual Entertainment and Features, Kat Lennox said:“It’s great that we can bring Channel 5 yet more entertaining UGC programmes. Both series will highlight outrageous moments making ordinary people and pets the stars of the show! The programmes will be filled with emotion, drama and humour and the results are sometimes shocking, often hilarious, but never short of jaw-dropping!”

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  • BBC One’s political debate programme, Question Time, is being hosted from London on Thursday, 5th February 2015.

    David Dimbleby chairs the programme from London where Conservative Education Secretary Nicky Morgan MP, Labour’s Shadow Education Secretary Tristram Hunt MP, Respect MP George Galloway, Cristina Odone of the Legatum Institute think tank and The Guardian’s Executive Editor and columnist Jonathan Freedland, face questions from the audience.

    Question Time transmits on Thursday evening on BBC One at 10.45pm and will be available on BBC iPlayer after transmission.

    To apply for a seat in the audience you can register your question at www.bbc.co.uk/questiontime

    For further information please contact Effie Dufu on 020 8995 3945 or effie@plankpr.com