BBC Four has commissioned a one-off documentary from Mentorn Media, part of the Tinopolis Group, looking at the rise of the hipster, and how this culture has changed our lives today, it was announced today (THURS).

    Presented by cultural commentator Peter York, the hour long documentary, The Rise of the Hipster: The Makers & The Fakers (WT), will focus on York’s thesis that the rise of the hipster reveals a society desperate for the authentic – and subsequently a commercial engine desperate to appropriate ‘authenticity’ so they can sell it back to us.

    The term hipster has gradually become more widespread, as the movement towards a higher quality alternative to mass market consumerism has developed. Focussing on hipsters as ‘The Makers,’ York looks at the positive effects they have created, as they aspire to create a life alternative to the mainstream – which has become mainstream in itself. The principle of wanting our belongings, food and experiences to have a backstory derives from the hipster, who seeks out authenticity in this way. From beer brewed in a microbrewery, to artisan chocolate made in store, these products have an individuality that unites the affluent and the socially aware.

    The documentary follows the journey of this movement that is now under threat, as the mass market reclaims these ideals and sells this aesthetic life without concern for the ethos behind it. With artificially aged jumpers with ‘Made in Hoxton’ emblazoned on the front and an Oscar’s red carpet filled with bearded Hollywood actors, the hipster ideal has shifted beyond its initial principles.

    York will delve into the complexity of the authentic versus the inauthentic, and how hipsters battle with the mainstream to reclaim the values and trends they have created.

    The Rise of the Hipster: The Makers & The Fakers (WT) has been commissioned by Mark Bell, Commissioning Editor BBC Arts and will be executive produced by Emma Cahusac, Executive Producer BBC Arts & Music; Mark Roberts, Creative Director Mentorn Media; Tayte Simpson, Director of Programmes Mentorn Media, and Geoff Moore, Moore Television. The programme is a co-production with Moore Television.     

    Cassian Harrison, Channel Editor, BBC Four, said: “I want BBC Four to be the place to come for singular, authored pieces that are rich in ideas and what better guide to the hipster is there than the brilliant Peter York bringing his wit and insight to the channel.”            

    Tayte Simpson, said: “This is a timely documentary on a topic so current and relevant with what’s happening today. We’ve been able to hone in on a social movement that has become more and more widespread, as while the social scene, trends, and styles are constantly adapting around us, the hipster has been sticking around. It’s a fascinating idea, how individual style can suddenly be reclaimed and then resold to a mass market. While many of us hope to be as authentic as possible, people can be just as happy to buy something that replicates this – taking them even further away from authenticity. Peter York was the perfect person to guide us through The Rise of the Hipster: The Makers & The Fakers (WT), as this goes way beyond the clothes we choose, but into how cultural shifts can have such a great effect.” 


     Note to Editors

    About Mentorn Media

    Mentorn Media produced Alan Johnson: The Post Office and Me; John Simpson Stories from the Frontline and Culture Club: Karma to Calamity for BBC Four. In addition it also produces Question Time and The Big Questions for BBC One and recently announced that it will be making a new series of Robot Wars for BBC Two.

    Other Mentorn Media credits include The Jihadis Next Door and Angry, White and Proud both for Channel 4 and the Laugh Out Loud series for Channel 5.

    Mentorn Media can be followed on twitter: @MentornMedia

  • RWlogo 2016_512x 288


    Dara O Briain and Angela Scanlon have been announced as the new presenters of Robot Wars when the series is rebooted for BBC Two with Jonathan Pearce returning as commentator.

    Dara and Angela will get up close with the robots, the teams and get feedback from the Robot Wars judges while legendary commentator Jonathan Pearce will return with his inimitable take on the Robot Wars fights.

    All the Robot Wars action will come from the new purpose-built fighting arena in Glasgow, which will allow viewers to get even closer to the action, with state-of-the-art cameras capable of capturing every crushing, sawing and scorching moment in incredible detail.

    Dara O Briain said: “I am thrilled to be presenting Robot Wars. For too long, the schedules have cried out for a show in which dedicated amateurs toiling day and night, handcraft sophisticated automatons built on the delicate interplay of hand-wired servo motors with custom-built circuit boards and fingertip motion control, just to see them get smashed to pieces by a dustbin carrying a massive hammer. It's war, and how I love it so.”

    Angela Scanlon added: “I'm so excited to be joining such a legendary show that, after all this time, still manages to make people squeal with joy. I cannot wait to see the robots in all their metallic glory playfully destroying each other!”

    Jonathan Pearce said: “Robot Wars is an immensely enjoyable programme to commentate on. I am delighted to be involved and back among the cut and thrust of the robot battles. ACTIVATE!”

    Channel Editor of BBC Two, Adam Barker, said: “I’m thrilled that Dara O Briain and Angela Scanlon will be fronting BBC Two’s reboot of Robot Wars.  Alongside the welcome return of Jonathan Pearce bringing his unique commentary to proceedings, they are the perfect team to bring to life all the excitement and drama from the arena and explain the innovation and technological advances being showcased in the new and improved robots.”

    Acting Controller of Entertainment, Alan Tyler, said: “We are delighted to have such an enviable line up of talent at the helm of the new series. Dara is the perfect host for Robot Wars. Funny, intelligent, warm and genuinely enthused by both the engineering science and the passionate people behind the machines. I'm slightly worried he may actually apply to be a contestant. Angela’s razor sharp wit and clever curiosity, alongside Jonathan’s expertise and insight complete a perfect partnership. We can’t wait to bring the new series to the BBC Two’s audience.”

    The new Robot Wars logo for the series, designed by Jump, has also been unveiled.

    Mentorn Scotland’s Executive Producer, Andrew Robertson, said: “The logo totally encapsulates everything that is new about the series, updated technology, modernised armour, contemporary design and a seismic updated tonal shift from the original series.”

    The new six-part series will be produced by Mentorn Scotland, part of the Tinopolis Group, in association with SJP Media, and will feature a new structure with more robots, more battles and more science than ever before. It also includes a raft of technological advances since the show first aired over a decade ago, and viewers can expect to see more innovative fighting machines as teams of amateur roboteers battle it out to win the coveted Robot Wars title.

    Robot Wars fans can apply to see the battles first hand in the studio audience by contactingwww.lostintv.com; emailing info@lostintv.com or calling 0208 5308100.

    Follow Robot Wars on Social Media:

    Facebook:           www.facebook.com/ukrobotwars

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    For further information please contact:

    Kiran Poonia, BBC Publicist


    For Mentorn Media queries please contact:

    Louise Plank at Plank PR on 020 8995 3936, lou@plankpr.com

    Notes to editors:

    The new series of has been commissioned by, Acting Controller of Entertainment Alan Tyler and Jo Street BBC Commissioning Editor. Produced by Mentorn Media Scotland in association with SJP Media, it will be executive produced by Creative Director Entertainment at Tinopolis, Chris Brogden, Andrew Robertson of Mentorn Scotland and Jo Street for the BBC.

    International sales of the series/format are being handled by Passion Distribution.

    About Mentorn Scotland

    Mentorn Media set up Mentorn Scotland, its Glasgow office, in 2002. Since then it has had a continuous and substantial production and development base in Scotland devising and delivering some award-winning and compelling content, adding up to hundreds of hours of original content.

    Mentorn Scotland has made a range of major series for BBC Scotland including RTS Award-winning and British Academy Scotland Award nominated, Scotland Decides: The Big, Big Debate and the popular BBC Scotland series Clans and How Scotland Works.

    Scottish-based productions include key returning BBC One titles: Question Time, Traffic Cops, The Big Questions, along with other Mentorn Scotland productions like Cutting Edge documentaries for Channel 4, single films for ITV including Britain’s Poshest Nannies, daytime series and popular formats: Cowboy Trap for BBC One; Hotel of Mum and Dad for BBC Three, and primetime series Watermen: A Dirty Business for BBC Two.

    Mentorn Media can be followed on twitter: @MentornMedia

    About the Tinopolis Group

    The Tinopolis Group is dedicated to the creation and global distribution of world-class content. It is one of the largest remaining independent television producers with significant business bases in London, Wales, Glasgow and LA, producing high quality content for all key networks in both the US and the UK and for a fast-growing stable of brands and agencies. Tinopolis produces and distributes over 2,500 hours of award-winning broadcast and online content from major producers, including A. Smith and Co, Firecracker Films, Magical Elves, Mentorn Media, Passion Distribution, Pioneer Productions, Sunset + Vine and Tinopolis Wales/Cymru.